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How to become a great programmer?

 A decent developer is somebody who consistently looks left and right before going across a single direction road. ~Doug Linder  At the very beginning, let me clarify that I DO NOT view myself as a decent software engineer. I rate my coding aptitudes as normal and I am as yet learning and have far to go before I am even marginally satisfied with my programming abilities. Truly I am better than many individuals with regards to programming, yet that is just in light of the fact that they are sluggish and like to sit on inactively the entire day and never make a big deal about programming. Their unpleasant abilities make my less loathsome aptitudes look radiant.  So the greater part of the tips I will specify beneath are exercises gained from bombed tries, they are what I have needed to be and I am most certainly not. So gives plunge access.  1.Work on Basics  As it is valid for any industry and any activity, the reasonable comprehension is the key for progress. Except if one has solid ca